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About Amy Adams:

Amy Adams is a singer and actor in the USA. She is well know for her roles in movies such as The Last Run, Pumpkin, Doubt, Leap Year, The Muppets and the Master. She is going to play Lois Lane in the upcoming superman movie of Man of Steel. She has also appeared in many tv shows such as Charmed, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Office, King of the HIll and Smallville. She is a very busy person.

She started her career in many dinner theaters which moved on to working in many B movies. Most of her roles are of characters that are happy and very cheery.She was born and raised in Italy and came from a big family of seven children. During her school years she often was performing on a regular basis. From school choir to local plays. Also she was in dance as a ballet for a few years and that took her to musical theater.

She is a very popular celebrity in the entertainment world. She has gained a very strong fan base and is good to her audience.
She is presently engaged to Darren Le Gallo. At the 2013 Golden Globes she was up for a nomination for the movie The Master, but lost to someone else.
She appeared at the award show in another dress of the nude color, as that has become a most popular item.
Just recently Amy Adams has been spotted buying shoes at high end stores. It may look like she might be attending some special function. The rumor has it that she might be getting an Academy Award for her last role.
This would be a very big stepping stone for Amy Adams to go nude as she is still not as experienced as other actresses in Hollywood.