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Cassie Ventura Sex Tape

We know Cassie Ventura as a signer, a model, and P Diddy’s girl. She might be a horrible signer, but Cassie is incredibly hot and sexy. We probably wouldn’t have heard of her if not for P Diddy, so thank Big Puff. And the hair cut thing, with the side buzzed off, for some reason it works. We probably won’t see any other studio albums from her, as her Studio (2006) album titled Cassie was a one hit wonder. Still, millions of guy like her for her sex appeal and just want to see her naked.

Now Cassie Ventura got into a bit of trouble wit a leaked Cassie Ventura Sex tape. It’s been hard to find but we have uncensored access to the whole thing.

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For everyone who doesn’t want to watch the sextape or is too long, we’ve compiled sexy pics and video of the star:

Who can forget Cassie’s breakout hit with “Me & U”, it brought her sexiness to whole new level and made her one of the hottest mixed raced people on earth (famous people anyways).

You can’t go wrong with a sexy photoshoot… ever.

Cassie doing a sexy little interview. Will she marry me?