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Who wouldn’t want to see Cobie Smulders nude? Now with our huge database of nude celebs you can get that change and many others to see your favorite celebrities being naked, having sex tapes, leaking pics, and more. Cobie Smulders was born in Canada in the city of Vancouver, British Columbia. She is well known for her acting in many movies and TV productions. She has been in movies such as The Avengers and the TV show of How I Met Your Mother. She also was in movies and shows like The L Word, Smallville, Walking Tall and Andromeda. Her career in entertainment started when she was a teenager.

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When she started to model for various modeling agencies This is where she got much attention from many producers and led her to get some roles on a few TV shows in the future from that time. She was also considered to play the role of Wonder Woman in a plan that was now cancelled.

She recently had a child to her now famous boyfriend and future spouse. She continues to amaze us with her beauty and the sexy looks she has. On her most recent TV series, her character is portrayed as a Canadian as well. Often she will wear a Vancouver Canucks jersey on the filming of How I Met Your Mother.
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