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Eve Torres Nude

Eve Torres is someone everyone wants to see nude, but is also well known for being a star wrestler on the WWE. She is also a model, dancer, valet and an actress. She started her career more less a dancer and modeling. She started her dancing career with the NBA team of the Los Angeles Clippers during the 2006-2007 season. Some of the show she has appeared on TV are The Soup, Stars Earn Stripes, Show Me the Money and Sunset Tan.

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More About Eve Torres:

Some of the things she has won was the 2007 Diva Search that got her to become a star with the WWE. Her character of Eve on the WWE has ongoing conflicts with the characters of with Michelle McCool, Layla and Natalya.
When she was going to the University of Southern California she appeared in many music videos and TV commercials.

Some of things she enjoys doing when not performing are running, aerobics, dancing and kickboxing. She has solved the Rubik’s cube and fixed puzzle under five minutes. At one time when she was in school, Eve Torres wanted to pursue a career as an FBI agent. She is very fluent in languages of English and Spanish. Her biggest fan is MMA fighter named Gina Carano. To this day she amazes us with her hot body and sexy looks. Come on into our site and explore this great girl of science and hotness.