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Gina Carano nude. It’s something anyone who has seen her fitness videos or amazingly toned body has thought of. Now you can see her and thousands of other celebs up close and personal. Gina Carano is a fitness model, martial artist, actress and television personality. She has been seen in the movie Haywire and will be in the movie Fast and the Furious 6. She was borning in Dallas, Texas from a father who played for the Dallas Cowboys football team. During her high school years she was on the girls basketball team that got the state title.

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She then attended University of Nevada and majored in psychology. Other things she has appeared in are the cult movie called Ring Girls, which was about martial arts. Her biggest role was on the show American Gladiators where she was called Crush as her character. This lead her to be in the film made by Michael Jai White called Blood and Bone.

Her next big project she is working on is to make a female version of the movie Expendables. She is trying to put together an all star group of female stars in the movie. This movie is promised to be high on action and have many great hot scenes for the viewer. Gina Carano is a very hot body with an amazing butt. She continues to amaze us. Come on into our site for some videos and photos of this great celebrity.