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See Jennifer Coolidge from American Pie nude as well as 1000s of other hot celebs. Jennifer Coolidge is a actress and entertainer in all of Hollywood. She is most well known for playing the part of Stifler’s mom in the movies of American Pie. She was born in Boston, to a father who worked as a worker in a plastics factory. She attended college in Boston at Emerson College and gained a degree in theater.

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More about Jennifer Collage:

From here she joined an improv group in New York and did lots of comedy shows. Later on she joined the group of The Groundlings as comedy group and performed in various shows in Los Angeles. One of her first major shows she was on was Seinfeld where she played a masseuse who wouldn’t offer her services for free. Her most famous role was in the movies of American Pie and American Pie 2.

Other things she has been are on the series of 2 Broke Grils, Hero Factory, Fish Hooks, Napoleon Dynamite, The Closer, The Captain, Robots and Not of this Earth. Jennifer Coolidge is one of the most hottest women in all of Hollywood. She is for sure a good cougar to consider and still maintains her hot body of greatness. We intend to see more of her in the upcoming future. Now come into our site to see more of this great creature for your entertainment.