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Jennifer Lawrence was born on August 15 1990. She is an up and coming actress in Hollywood. Her most recent and well known role was in the movie the Hunger Games. She got her start in other movies such as The Poker House and The Burning Plain. Also she was in the movie X-Men First Class as character Mystique.
When Jennifer was growing up she was involved with cheer leading, softball and model during her high school years. However, she never had much passion for these activities.

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More About Jennifer:

She eventually got her first start in entertainment by appearing in some commercials for MTV.
Other success she has had is being voted as the woman of the year of 2011 by Maxim magazine. As well as many other smaller time roles in other movies.

Recent news about Jennifer is from an article on Buzzfeed.There was a photo that was taken of the backside of Jennifer while she was surfing in Hawaii. Jennifer claims it is not real and was Photoshopped. However from true sources, it is proven the photo is real and untouched. The butt in the picture is her real butt and in pure form as well.

Jennifer was recently in a relationship with actor Nicholas Hoult, which they broke up a while ago. At this time Jennifer has not been reported to seeing anyone.

Jennifers next big movie role is in a movie with Bradley Cooper that is called Silver Linings Playbook. She plays a young widow who helps gets Bradleys character on the right road.

She was recently on Saturday Night Live. Since Jennifer is up for an Oscar nomination. She was on tv trash talking her Oscar rivals,such as Quvenzhane Wallis and Jessica Chastain.

She is going to have many more success in all of Hollywood in the future. As she is cast in the sequel to The Hunger Games and the next X-Men movie as well. We will be seeing much more Jennifer Lawrence in the near future.