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See Jessica Alba nude both on screen and off. Jessica has been rating one of the sexiest girls to ever walk to planet. Now you can see all of her. Jessica Alba is one of the most hottest girls in all of Hollywood. She was born in April 28, 1981, in the city of Pomona, in the state of California.

She is classified as an actor, and a model. She is most famous for her roles in the Fantastic Four movies and the short lived TV series Dark Angel. She began most of her career doing movies such as The Secret World of Alex Mack and Camp Nowhere. Those projects lead her to get work in other movies like Into the Blue, Sin City, Honey and Good Luck Chuck. For her modeling career, she was declared the top one hundred most hottest girls from Maxim magazine and ninety-nine most desired women in the year 2006.

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More info on the gorgeous Alba:

Over the course of her career she has won a few awards such as the Teen Choice Award, Saturn Award and got a nomination for a Golden Globe award for the TV series Dark Angel. She got her first interest in acting when she was 11 years old. Where she went for a few auditions in Beverly Hills. Here she was very lucky and won a few prizes for being in several acting classes. She at the young age was later cast in the TV series called Flipper, which was the starting point of all of her successes from that point on. She continues to amaze us with her talents and her amazing body. It is time for you to stop on by and see what amazing and hot footage we collected of this great talent.