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Kim Kardashian Nude

Let’s be honest, Kim Kardashian got her start with the infamous Kim Kardashian sex tape featuring her and Ray J. Her amazing Armenian looks didn’t hurt either. If you’re sick of only getting to see screenshots and 1 minute clip of her sextape, now you can watch the full unedited video. And you can rest assured that if Kanye and Kim ever make a tape, well do our job to being what the people want!

To watch the uncensored full version of the tape just click the link below. You MUST be 18 or older to view this content:

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Here is a video of Kim doing what we all want: Booty workouts!

I think we all know a great ass isn’t complete until it’s been displayed on the Jay Leno show.

Some creeper decided to compile all of Kim’s sexiest moments involving her booty. He can call him a creep, but appreciate his work nonetheless.