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Miriska is known for her role as New York City sex crimes Detective Olivia Benson, but let’s face it, she’s really known for those boobs. And who wouldn’t want to see Mariska Hargitay nude.

Mariska Hargitay is a very confident woman as she mentioned in a recent magazine article. When she first got pregnant she put in her maternity pants right away as she was very proud of the moment. At the age of 49, Mariska Hargitay is highly confident and strong in her body image. She believes in the all natural look and not do much surgery to change her image.

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More about Mariska:

She started her career in the 1980s in the movie of Ghoulies and on a television show called Downtown. She has appeared in many programs throughout the years. From Falcon Crest, Baywatch, Wiseguy, Hotel Room, Key West, Ellen and even Seinfeld.

She has appeared in many movies such as Jocks, Welcome to 18, Mr. Universe, Bank Robber, Lake Placid and Perfume. She continues to amaze all of her fans with her great acting talents and her high level of maturity in her high powered roles.

She once experienced on health problem a few years back after falling on the set of Law and Order. This resulted in a collapsed lung and needed surgery. However she was able to come back to work and was absent for only one episode of the TV series.
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