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Check out nude Miranda Cosgrove photo leaks and many other celebs nude leaks. Miranda Cosgrove is best known as a singer, songwriter and actress. She has appeared in several movies such as School of Rock, The Wild Stallion, Despicable Me, Big Time Christmas and Keeping Up the Steins. She has also been in several TV shows from Smallville, Grounded for Life, Zoey 101, Just Jordan, The Good Wife and The Naked Brothers Band.

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She is presently in school at the University of California doing a study of film. She bought a three bedroom house worth 2.8 million dollars that is close to the school. Reason was so she can have a short commute on getting to her classes.

One of the highest awards she has gotten was an entry into the Guinness Book of World records for being the Highest Paid Child Actress in the program of iCarly. She was home schooled when growing up with her parents and was an only child.

Miranda Cosgrove going to be in a new series that will be called Girlfriend In A Coma. This will have her play a daughter of a woman who wakes up after many years in a coma. Who will have to face the fact of being known in your town as the daughter to the “coma lady.” To this day Miranda is going to be one of those amazing up and coming stars. Now come on into our site for some amazing hot videos and photos of her, hopefully nude.