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Nicki Minaj Nude

Nicki Minaj began (booty) poppin onto the stage in the late 2000s. And her ass hasn’t left us yet. It’s been to beaches, the club, and now it’s everywhere. Fortunately cameras have been around to catch all her uncensored moments. Everybody and their grandmother wants to see Nicki naked. She’s a pretty good rapper, a mediocre singer (with auto-tune), but her body is on another level. Nicki Minaj nude is on every guy’s mind.

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For everyone else, here are some sexy pics and video to enjoy that’s non-nude.

The booty and boobs are fake, but do we really care? We just want to see her naked.

A tribute to Nicki’s booty

Another ass tribute, except this time, in the forest.

And now in slow-motion on the beach, my favorite. Practically nude.