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Come check out Nicole Scherzinger nude and see thousands of other celebs in their most uncensored positions. Sextapes, leaked photos, everything. Nicole Scherzinger is a very popular singer and entertainer. She recently has revealed of being originally cast to be the lead singer of Black Eye Peas before Fergie took the position. Reason was she got offered a position in another project. Also she was asked to sing a song that was now made very popular by Rihanna. The song was We Found Love, reason saying she was giving a project with many dance tracks to perform instead.

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She says when she was just getting started in her career at a very young age, she idolized the Spice Girls. She says if she was a Spice Girl today, her named be Goth Spice.
Nicole most major break through in music was when she was performing with the group of the Pussycat Dolls. They were very popular with many different styles of music and dancing. Well, noted for their very hot moves and sexy curves. She also has worked in TV shows such as the X Factor as one of the dancing judges. She has gained a high level of respect and popularity from this position.
From her singing career has given her a few awards such as from the MTV Music Video Awards and from the Billboard Music Awards.

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