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Watch all the Paget Brewster nude footage as well as 1000′s of other celebs now. Paget Brewster is well known for her role on the TV series Criminal Minds where she plays the role of Agent Emily Prentiss. She got famous as regular guest star on the sitcom Friends a few years back. Where she played the part of Joey’s new girlfriend from the city. She was also seen being very hot on a series on Showcase called Huff. She got a part as a teacher in a low budget movie called The Big Bad Swim, where she was afraid of water.

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More About Paget:

She often is the voice of the character of Judy on the cartoon of Harvey Birdman. She once was considered an offered from Hugh Hefner to pose for Playboy. Which she ended up turning down a few weeks later, saying she had other contracts to fulfill. She has done other contracts for a company called SuicideGirls in the Los Angeles area.

She is very active volunteering for the Young Storytellers Program. Overall she is an amazing personality in all of Hollywood. That is why she is in a relationship with Steve Damstra who is also a business partner. They live in the Los Angeles area and continue to make her hot and sexy for all of the world to see.