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Sophia Loren Nude

Sophia Loren is one of the most beloved Hollywood actors of film history. Now see Sophia Loren nude! Her most highlighted period of her popularity was during the 1960s and 1970s. Her most famous movies were A Special Day, The Cassandra Crossing, and The Fall of the Roman Empire.

Sophia was born and raised in Rome, Italy on September 20, 1934. The names of her parents were Riccardo and Romilda Scicolone. She grew up in a very unhappy childhood, as her entire family was very poor. However things went to a positive when she started to model at the age of 14. This got her attention from various film producers in Italy. From here she was able to get many film projects over a period of many years. This was able to provide her with a great source of income to help her and the family succeed in life.

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More about Sophia Loren:

During the 1950s she was in many popular Italian movies from Aida, La favorita and Legend of the Lost.

During the 1980s she did not do much time in movies and focused more on raising her family. In 1991 she received a very high end award of from the Academy for her lifetime of great work in the movie industry.

These days she is still in good health and moves back and forth between Los Angeles and her home in Switzerland. She continues to work with Hollywood and help out still in the entertainment world.